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Full Bibliography
Project Euler (katelane):
A series of mathematical puzzles that you can log in and save progress with.

Net-A-Porter (katelane):
An online high-fashion magazine/blog/shop

IXL: Dynamic adaptive learning (katelane):
Site focusing on "practice that feels like play" for primary and secondary education

Assemble: A Well-Crafted Life (katelane):
A crafty blog; in particular this is an entry on folding "junior high love notes"

Beautiful Words in English (katelane):
A whole bunch of inspiration-inducing words, like "hiraeth" and "mellifluous"

Math Forum (katelane):
Bunches of active forums and discussions.

European Union History (katelane):
Links to bunches of documents and archives relating to EU history.

Euro Docs (katelane):
A collection of historical documents on Europe.

Philomobile (katelane):
Organizes trips to learn philosophy in situ.

Maureen Joy Charter School (katelane):
Charter school in Durham that I was intrigued by.

Ol North State Knitting Guild (katelane):
Knitting group a woman recommended to me... while I was at another knitting group, lol.

Seed Collective (katelane):
Website of an art collective whose gallery I saw while in Winston Salem.

Colossal (katelane):
An art and design blog that had a pretty interesting best of 2011 post.

ChemWiki (katelane):
A dynamic chemistry textbook... looks pretty well edited and comprehensive.

Atomic Orbitals (katelane):
Page on what looks to be a pretty comprehensive chemistry guide.

Cameron Chapman (katelane):
Blog of an author I stumbled on while on the NaNoWriMo forums.

Fundamental Forces of Nature (katelane):
Page with what looks to be a good overview description.

Prime Numbers Primitive Roots (katelane):
A forum where one of my programs was referenced.

Gwap (katelane):
Place to play games to teach computers how people think...

Herodotus of Helicarnassus (katelane):
Page on the supposed first world historian.

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